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What would you do if you had to raise $44K in 27 days?

WindyLight's crowd funding campaign on kickstarter needs to source some crowd wisdom to achieve it's funding goal in the next 27 days. What would you do if it was your project? http://kck.st/tfGD55
Please help us think wild! Thank you!!


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  • Dec 6 2011: At first, I thought about getting sponsorships who believe in your product, but then I realized that people aren't a fan of first approaches for money. Part of gaining financial support for your project is gaining publicity--I would do what I can to put together an awesome marketing/outreach team. This team can start with a group of friends, then utilize their networks to expand to a larger group. Reach out to college campuses and non-profits for support, then spread the word in every way you can think of. Have a Facebook group that has weekly contests. Have a twitter account with some type of scavenger hunt. People seem to respond to contests fairly well, so that would be a great approach towards spreading the word because it ensures that the initiative gets spread to every contestant's network (with social media, this is fairly easy). Every one is in search of sustainable solutions, so I am confident that your product will be a hit once it is known. As soon as you establish enough activity, approaching companies for sponsorships shouldn't be that difficult because it is now an advertising write-off or a political campaign in support of an innovative sustainable approach. You may even find a developer to sponsor the WindyLights in a business park to serve as the pilot and set an example for future business investments... you'd provide the marketing, and they'd supply the capital costs.
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      Dec 6 2011: Dear April,

      Thank you!! This is GREAT input! Could you share with me more specific thughts or examples around "Have a twitter account with some type of scavenger hunt. "

      Many thanks!

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