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What would you do if you had to raise $44K in 27 days?

WindyLight's crowd funding campaign on kickstarter needs to source some crowd wisdom to achieve it's funding goal in the next 27 days. What would you do if it was your project? http://kck.st/tfGD55
Please help us think wild! Thank you!!


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    Dec 5 2011: after going to the website and watching your video i think you would be able to go DIRECTLY to the CEO of a company and hopefully make the deadline. think of some way you could work out a deal with a company that would be mutually beneficial, such as..

    with an outdoor furniture company

    or with beach services. its always windy at the beach at night.

    **or maybe it could represent something, like a charity or rememberance.

    maybe they could clip onto the front of a standing fan and provide extra light while minimizing power usage(generator) during a power outage

    maybe they could be made into a device that if you squeeze the handle, the fan spins and it emits light, and if the wind is already blowing you can just put it on a stick and leave it there.

    the more possible applications you find for it, the more opportunities you'll come across to find funding, but if you cant articulate the potential value of you product to a company in terms of what this would enable their future revenues to look like
    itll be nearly impossibe to get company support by your deadline.

    then again perhaps you could get assistance from the chambers of commerce in your surrounding areas, i recommend just diving in and talking to everyone you can, you never know who the next great idea will come fro.

    im just throwing ideas out there, let me know if anything sticks. btw itd be easier to help if we knew what approaches youve been trying and considering.
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      Dec 5 2011: Julius hello,
      Thank you for some very smart and creative ideas. I might actually start implementing some asap.
      Did you have in mind any companies or CEOs to approach around the world?
      Thank you again,
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        Dec 5 2011: I would recommend that you stay near your community.--- I would prefer to continue this conversation over email. You can reach me at newmanjulius1@Gmail

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