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What would you do if you had to raise $44K in 27 days?

WindyLight's crowd funding campaign on kickstarter needs to source some crowd wisdom to achieve it's funding goal in the next 27 days. What would you do if it was your project? http://kck.st/tfGD55
Please help us think wild! Thank you!!


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    Dec 5 2011: First of all, your idea is quite fun and exciting. I really like it.

    It's difficult to start to make suggestions without knowing what your plan for generating funding has been so far. Are you in debt to banks, stockholders, investors, et al? Your web site indicates that you're not naive. I must assume that you've either exploited certain resources successfully or so attempted and failed. If you failed, was it because your presentation is flawed?

    How would an investor learn more about the project? If you provide street lights that are both functional and beautiful, and self sustaining as well, then what backup power source do you have to generate needed street light (safety is a concern. It can't be bright light only if there is a 5 mile constant wind source or greater) when the wind falters?

    To provide you a real answer, you need to provide more info. Best of luck.
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      Dec 5 2011: Richard hello - first of all thank you for your serious answer. i appreciate it much!
      about debts - i do not have any (thankfully yet) and indeed my design abilities and my good sense of quality helps me choose wisely how do i exploit my resources.
      this is my first crowd-funding attempt and it came after i met with some investors and realized that i wish for this project to be "owned by the people for the people". this way the sustainable and social goals can be optimized throughout the whole project.

      was this answer helpful in order to continue this conversation?
      thank you!

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