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Creating a better 2012

I am raising awareness about gay bullying and bring it to a halt please check out my event on fb at , visit my gay teen magazine website at and my GSA page on fb at I am moving a movement and I need your help. Visit the links in the description, create awareness. Post my links, tweet them, comment them share them with friends, family and colleagues, we can bring this to an end. Like this if you stand up for equality rights and if you believe in a safer society. I am passionate about this and I hope you will be too. A gay teen hears on averages 22 anti gay slurs a day and are found to be more suicidal among the straight teens. We need to stand up and never stand down. Take action when needed. Raise awareness in our communities and online. It's never too late to take action. It only takes one person to start a movement.

  • Dec 4 2011: I need your help to end an era of bullying like no other, one that has killed millions of kids. We need your help. We need you to spread the word. Tell your friends and colleagues. Make people understand. Take action when action is needed. En bullying when you see it. Create campaigns, create awareness and end it ounce and for all. I do this for my friends and I hope you will do the same. We need thinkers to spread the idea, to talk to people about it, to share it, tweet it, Facebook it what ever it takes. I want to end this fight.
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    Dec 9 2011: I'm afraid the seeds of bullying are found deep in human nature, near the instincts for self-preservation, self-centeredness, and self-aggrandizement. These are just different degrees of the same inbuilt concern for No.1. Belittling others is a way for some to try to seem greater by comparison.

    I think bullying can be and must be fought, for example in schools and on the job. Good leadership and good policies can make a big difference, but I don't think we can end it "once and for all". It will come back, which means that the battle against bullying has to be unending.
  • Dec 4 2011: It only takes one person to start a movement so why not be one of them.