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Are you negatively affected by the 99 per cent occupations?

I'm a student journalist based in the UK and began carrying out interviews with occupiers for a feature I'm writing. What quickly became obvious is that occupiers do have a strong voice through the media but the voice of people affected negatively by the occupations is missing. I'm looking to interview anyone overseas who has been affected negatively whether it be psychologically or practically. Please feel free to discuss the question here even if you don't fit this criteria but if you are happy to be interviewed please email - you can remain anonymous!

Many thanks

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    Dec 4 2011: I think the 99ers are great and those that are negatively affected are probably bureaucrats doing what they usually do (mindlessly following by-laws and not thinking for themselves) or those that probably don't want to be portrayed as opposing such a sensible response to rampant profit-chasing and greed because they understand that opposing this movement will impact even more negatively on their all important "brand".

    In NZ, the police refused to remove peaceful protesters on behalf of the local council because they "were not being disruptive" which was absolutely awesome.