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Emmanuel Mashandudze

Business Intelligence, Tools and Process Specialist, Witwatersrand University

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The idea of classifying people according to race, Is it really necessary? Will racial transparency ever exist?

We have been through the battles of feminism, and enough has been said to make them the figures they are in society today. Equality is a challenge but this battle has shown some illumination into the probabilities. Can we have such transformations to the races. The world seems to never accept the differences. Universities, churches, government bodies most importantly the job market and so on, always want to find out how many black, white, coloured, asian etc people there are. But why? What does it change, Knowing the race benefits us with what? Is it not just going to create more differences than a balance? What do you all think?


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    Dec 4 2011: Yes, it's necessary. However, we could use just one classification: The 'human' race.
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      Dec 4 2011: I think such a classification will return the present classifications which I really do not see their purpose.

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