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How would you redesign the current high school program?

I have the opportunity to help completely redesign a local high school program. There's no debate that drastic reforms are needed and I was hoping you would have some ideas on what should be added, what should be altered and what should be scrapped altogether. I'm looking for a wide range of answers from specific details to broader ideas on the whole system. Don't hold back. Im looking forward to hearing what you have to say.


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  • Dec 9 2011: students should not have to ask permission to use the restroom. Teachers should express themselves as who they are and not follow a strict code of conduct, kids become more involved when they can relate to their teachers. have kids identify their hobbies and intrests, then Let them construct a project on the scholarly aspects of their interests Ex. hip hop music could be turned into music theroy or music production technology. most kids have cellphones so integration of that technology and enrichment on its circuitry could be a option. theres a common penalty for students who exceed and absence limit that results in stripping students of all their hard earned credits, i was given this penalty after my early tardies had allotted in absences, in retrospect it is my biggest grievence with public schools and is detrimental to the self esteem of kids who fall victim to its irrelevant wrath.students of all ages commonly all ask the same question to themselves whats my purpose?believe me when i say students will absorb allot of knowledge if you show them how to find the answer, in fact alot students have lower interest in learning when they think the answer cant be found. offer philosophy classes they are very underrated but in my opinion are greatly helpful for intrinsic learning.rows and isles are boring and dull let kids move there desk to any location they feel is comfortable allow students to decorate the room, its their learning environment so it must be naturally inspirational to them you could slip in a clever lesson about creativity and aesthetics. that reminds me if there is a group of kids talking, invade their group and relate the discussion to education. i have seen jaws drop when students realize how many academic subjects relate directly to their lives. swearing has become common use no one is trying to disrespect anyone. so let the swears slide. behavioral punshiments shouldn't inhibit the students ability to learn instead embarass him in front of his peer

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