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How would you redesign the current high school program?

I have the opportunity to help completely redesign a local high school program. There's no debate that drastic reforms are needed and I was hoping you would have some ideas on what should be added, what should be altered and what should be scrapped altogether. I'm looking for a wide range of answers from specific details to broader ideas on the whole system. Don't hold back. Im looking forward to hearing what you have to say.


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    Dec 5 2011: Carlos, I agree: I simply went into instant fulmination rather unthinkingly.

    My apology.

    Still, virtual reality is rendering direct personal experience increasingly obsolete and, well, that scares me.

    Have a nice day; I had no intention of offending.
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      Dec 6 2011: No need to apologize. I know it is a topic that a lot of people are concerned about, and thus, should be talked about and debated (Perhaps not here though, in the interest of not "hijacking" Zach's thread). I was not offended at all, and actually, I would really be interested in having that conversation/debate with anyone who'd be interested.

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