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Who would you be without your history?

Can you imagine who you would be, how you would think and behave if you woke up one day and couldn't remember a thing from your past?
(Presuming you would still know how to walk, talk and most things you know.)

Are there experiences you'd be happy to let go?

Are there elements of your past that you would be sad to forget? Even difficult times, would there be things you wish you could still remember, to know you survived?

If there are things in your past that you wish you could change, is there any way you could come to peace with those today? Can you think of any words or actions that could change something in the present?


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  • Dec 3 2011: Everyone wants to go back in time and make things better which have gone bad, but I ask how we can say that a happy future is guaranteed now? At that specific moment we don't usually have a bit of idea that what we doing is wrong. It always TIME that classifies an action good or bad infuture. Because we usually rely on consequences of an action. Not the action itself.
    • Dec 3 2011: Yes, we can't predict the consequences of changing the smallest thing in our past. This part of my question was moreso aimed at whether people could think of a way to heal or find peace with past experiences in the present? Would you think it is possible to let go of sad memories now? (not change them)
      • Dec 4 2011: Yes, Only If one wants to.

        We should select what was good in it and leave behind what was bad and proceed further.

        Nelson Mandela says so.

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