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Who would you be without your history?

Can you imagine who you would be, how you would think and behave if you woke up one day and couldn't remember a thing from your past?
(Presuming you would still know how to walk, talk and most things you know.)

Are there experiences you'd be happy to let go?

Are there elements of your past that you would be sad to forget? Even difficult times, would there be things you wish you could still remember, to know you survived?

If there are things in your past that you wish you could change, is there any way you could come to peace with those today? Can you think of any words or actions that could change something in the present?


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    Dec 3 2011: Without the history of my own life I would be a far less compassionate person. I was born in a 'tough it out' family where compassion was almost unknown. Fortunately for me, I was born with a strong and healthy body and a good mind. Many who are born with these advantages are unable to feel for others. My experiences shaped my capacity for compassion. I thiink that if my memory were erased the cumulative shaping of my schemas would remain and I would retain this current self even without experiences to reference. So, while I would be happy to be unable to remember painful episodes of my life, I would not do so if it altered the cumulative result of these experiences.

    I would never want to let go of my children's childhoods and the joy that they brought me.

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