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Who would you be without your history?

Can you imagine who you would be, how you would think and behave if you woke up one day and couldn't remember a thing from your past?
(Presuming you would still know how to walk, talk and most things you know.)

Are there experiences you'd be happy to let go?

Are there elements of your past that you would be sad to forget? Even difficult times, would there be things you wish you could still remember, to know you survived?

If there are things in your past that you wish you could change, is there any way you could come to peace with those today? Can you think of any words or actions that could change something in the present?


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    Dec 3 2011: i would be nothing without my past.Both good and bad memories have made me who i am now.There were times that i wished i could forget the bad ones,but now i i know how they made me understand both myself and the world around me better.Without the bad ones, i wouldnt know what true pain is like,therefore i wouldnt know the definition of true happiness.And without the good ones,i wouldnt have anything to hold onto when im going through a rough time.We should all appreciate the past,enjoy the now and use our experiences to sculpt our way to the future :)
    • Dec 3 2011: Bad experiences help you through rough times as well, because now you know that even bad times pass, like any moment or period in your life - and good things happen again. And then bad things happen again. And then good. We make our life's story by telling it to ourselves :)

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