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Fill in the Blank - If I knew I could not fail I would ___________ ?

The question is simple and self-explanatory but I would request you all to think for some time before you answer it.

" Change the world " is a satisfactory (and abstract) answer but is that something which concerns You the most at this moment in your life. So, what would You do if You knew You could not fail ?

My Answer -

If I knew I could not fail I would fall in Love.


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    Dec 5 2011: Unite the world under a new Declaration of Interdependence, that eliminates nationalist identity, creates an international minimum wage pinned to a fair gender neutral single parent income, colonizes space, and re invests oil profits into green technology (mostly solar concentrating desallination). Might as well be specific : p
    • Dec 6 2011: Except that I love the feeling of patriotism for my country. And love meeting others' who love their countries. The idea that you'd make me give that up? That's not interdependence.. that sounds like another mandate to me. I just spent a year in China. If you don't like the Declaration of Independence, you might like living there. The citizens have no freedom to move/live to any city they want or to or speak out against unfairness. You'd get your international minimum wage though! Enjoy!
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        Dec 7 2011: Lol... Not even close to what I'm talking about... Root for the home team, keep national pride... just don't kill people over it.

        Also... honestly... why would anyone feel patriotic towards this country nowadays? Have you read the Patriot Act? Did you see our protesters get maced in the most liberal city in the world? We don't have the freedom to speak out against unfairness here anymore. We're enslaving our children to a much worse standard of living than we were born into... I'm often confused by the people who claim to be patriotic nowadays... What rights do our children even have anymore?

        Patriotism sounds nice, but it's often just an excuse to ignore reality. In my perfect world though you could feel free to root for Team America... just root for them like you do your favorite sports team, and try not to kill anyone over it.
        • Dec 7 2011: It sounds like you want your country to be better: that my friend IS patriotism. (I suspect that aside from when you are reflecting about it, the Patriot Act, for example, isn't looming over your shoulder and effecting your life in a tangible way in your day-to-day. I say that for consideration with another metaphor: I don't imagine you dislike your body for it's potential to be a host for disease. The fact that you medicate or take other actions to stay well would rather indicate the opposite.)

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