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How can we promote tinkering, serious play, and creativity for grown ups, business and kids?

John Naisbitt wrote about "High Tech and High Touch" in 1989. It's been a long time. I'm pleased to see many researchers, teachers, and other people promoting the idea of tinkering or play as an important part of innovation. My question is how we can integrate such ideas into both adult cultures of work and self as well as increase these concepts in children's environments of school, home, and other experiences.

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    Mar 6 2011: IN a world where people are less and less connected with each other and many are looking for connections, I think it would be wonderful to have the equivalent of kindergarten for adults. I do not know how it could be framed exactly. I think perhaps it could be club with a membership where people could go back to early stages of development and experience tactile play but without being spoken down to. They could rake zen gardens. It would be an adult setting where people could do art without self censure or critisim. They could touch velvet and sand or clay in sewing or in sculpture. They could do water play in constructing fountains, and designing fish ponds. They could walk mazes. New sports could be created for the more active like basketball with lacrosse sticks. They could mix colours and start over learning more than the 8 crayon box colours. There could be broken appliances to fix or to take apart and reassemble into something new and wonderful. So that is my suggestion: Kindergarten for adults as a social club. REclaiming this inner freedom would be good for all.

    Also see Dale Doherty's Talk: We are Makers to see just how people are inspired to hands on creativity.
  • Mar 2 2011: Have you ever heard of or played the game minecraft? As far as creativity games go this game is impossible to beat. I strongly suggest you look it up.