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how does inspiration manifest through struggle in creativity?

i ask because i struggle writting songs. i have written 3 great inspiring songs but how will i write to be better than what i can be. that and am curious as to what more intelligent people have to offer to myself and what information i can bestow upon others that have the same stuggle as i do. Thank u community!

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    Dec 9 2011: Creation is about passion. And passion is only discovered through experiencing the world. That's why most writers write about what they know. You can't force something out of you that's not there. That's why artists have muses. Something that reminds you of something or brings up an emotion. Once you feel and experience that emotion that you might have more luck.

    One thing I have to add is that you mind is like any muscle. If you don't exercise it it won't produce. Write crap. It doesn't matter. Just don't stop. You're mind needs to be creating fit.
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    Dec 4 2011: Any form of genious is the job of the subconscious mind. perhaps if you study music more thoroughly and dilgently and even master the works of other great artists, those patterns will continue to become more apparent to you until, eventually you merge with them and your ability to apply metaphors to life exeriences will carry you to a new place through your musical influence. mozart didnt create a single original work until he was 17 years old. im not artistic, but i hope im right in proposing that if you STUDY the work of your artistic heroes, you'll find your genious. do you think this is good advice?
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    Dec 3 2011: I'm not sure whether more intelligent people frequent here and more so if that's what brings inspiration.
    Maybe it is more about feeling good, being attentive and wonder about all you experience.
    Turn inside and let it come out as you do what you like most.
    Maybe also, never write for a public but for yourself. Do what you love best until it kicks you.