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leave out fantasy and vacation, why and where would we want to be to provide meaning to our lives.

Thinking about the idea behind "If I could be anywhere”, I became interested what drives others, not in their down time, but where life’s true passion would take them.

I have always loved instilling a love of reading in youngsters. I read to my daughters nearly every night from age 8 months until they decided it more fun to read to each other and I. My daughters had the idea to bring this to school with them (literally) and I spent years going to Grammar schools to read Dr. Seuss (and other stories) to children. It started with preschool and kindergarten but grew into visiting every classroom up to Eighth grade. It grew into doing voices, props and asking for assistance when the story included multiple dialogs.

The joy of seeing thousands of children learn to enjoy a book and share a laugh or challenging thought is the place and feeling I would always go back to - where is your passion?