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Before I die, I'd like to live in a world where/that _________ ?

This question is inspired by the amazing TED Fellow Candy Chang. As I was revisiting her work and thinking about her public art project that asked people to complete the statement "before I die _____," I began to wonder what people might wish for the global community.

Before I die, I'd like to live in a world where...coming out as LGBT is as common place, easy, and accepted as stating your hometown.


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  • Dec 3 2011: before I die id like to live in a world where I could be proud of being human not ashamed.
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      Dec 3 2011: Sasha . . . you're already there . . . on many levels: Beethoven, Ghandi, Sagan, etc., etc.
    • Dec 6 2011: Oh my gosh Sasha! You hit it! BOOM!
      We, as humans have so much, to be proud of, shame is a part of it.
      We are destroying our own existence, yet continuing to make strides! BUT at the same time time, destruction as we know it. I loved your comment! It is a sad comment, yet so true. If no one out there believes this, look around! Respect!!! :)
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        Dec 6 2011: I don't think it's bad if we feel ashamed to be a human,but we should be brave to go on at the same time.O(∩_∩)O~
        • Dec 6 2011: I agree, we should take in how much we have hurt the earth, ourselves and each other, but be willing to mend it and make things right on all those levels.
        • Dec 7 2011: Hi lulu, is it wrong?
          Sasha wants to feel! It is not a bad human feeling. WE should be in shame.
          This human wants, before she dies, to feel it. How come humans, can not understand the harm? :) Good comment!
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        Dec 7 2011: hi O(∩_∩)O~my english is not very good,i don't think i can totally understand your reply.i didn't mean that you are wrong,i just wanted to express that we human can feel both pride and ashamed,it's nothing.it shouldn't to be blame even we feel ashamed.maybe we should accept all sides of one thing."existence is the reason",so i think all can be undertaken,but not denied.what you think??(*^__^*) ……
        • Dec 8 2011: Hi lulu! My apologies, I agree with you! You are great! Your English is fine! Humans are human. We have hurt each other, our land, our existence Once again, my apologies! :)
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        Dec 8 2011: that's ok.never mindO(∩_∩)O~everyone thinks in his way.and i am so happy that you affirmed my english ability,thank you (*^__^*) ……
        • Dec 8 2011: No worries! :) It is all cool! YOUR ability is groovy!
          New word! :)
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        Dec 8 2011: I'm very happy to hear that,Thank youO(∩_∩)O~

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