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What is the most overstated / understated topic from or about your country.

The TED community encompasses all from around the world from Canada to Ghana, Kenya to Tuvalu. We have different strengths and weaknesses. Governments and corporations with voices try and portray the best of the country sometimes exaggerating while the main issues swept under the carpet.
But who knows their country better than the common man, and who is a better critic than an well-exposed person.
Please share on what you think is your country's best or worst ideals.


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    Dec 6 2011: Okay I get why Americans are the loudest to cry about their government. I live in Vietnam, fyi it's a communist country.

    Here you go.
    Most overstated topics: Ha Long Bay, abundance of natural resources. The petroleum sector contributes practically 25% of GDP -- and they take pride in exporting crude oil. It's dangerous to define "wealth" that way.
    Understated: freedom of speech (obviously, "understated topic"). Facebook got blocked here. Wondering if anyone from China here want to speak.
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      Dec 10 2011: China
      overstated topics:harmony and the people's livelihood
      understated topics:economic system

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