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"Could the The Universe be Solid ? "

Dark Matter and Dark Energy are the two latest 'observed' problematic hypothesis in science. First there was 'Ether' through which electromagnetic energy could propagate; then Ether was dismissed as it was proven that this energy could travel in 'empty space', and now we are back again with an 'empty space filler'.

I propose the following;
a) The universe exists as a 'solid' and it is infinite outward and inward, and it is so from an infinite number of starting points within it. In other words, no matter where we think we are or we might be, we are in the same place as everything else.

b) Empty Space or Nothingness, Time/Speed, Matter and Energy are only human concepts and perceptions. The universe does not think, it just exists.

  • Dec 9 2011: well you could say it is solid because, when we observe our own molecules and atoms we see a lot of space in between. id say im pretty solid so yea in theory it could be
    • Dec 10 2011: The 'empty space' between our own molecules that 'we' are observing is now been questioned by the 'Dark Energy' and 'Dark Matter' theories which have been observationally verified. Even before these two new discoveries 'Gravity' alone would have occupied any 'empty space'.

      Our observable universe is only a human reality. The universe itself is most likely a singularity and beyond our comprehension. When I visually imagine going infinitely outward, or inward in space, I get the weird feeling that I am really in the same place when I started, even though I have traveled and observed infinitely.