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What do you enjoy most about life?

What makes you feel the best you have ever felt before? Is it a specific hobby? A person? An animal? Anything!? Tell me, I'd love to hear what you enjoy most!

  • Dec 9 2011: wow there is alot of things i enjoy, but there is one that stands out. making others happy is my favorite thing in life as well as exploring philosophy
  • Dec 3 2011: Its Uncertainity. It assures you that good things can happen anywhere, any time.
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    Dec 3 2011: Being that gives the opportnuity of enjoying whatever comes across.
  • Dec 1 2011: Giving and receiving love, respect, like, truth, fun and positive stuff like that with precise peers.
  • Dec 1 2011: The thing which makes me happy is a cup of coffee with cream. :-)
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      Dec 1 2011: yup,i dont think i could live without coffee :D
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    Dec 23 2011: I enjoy the present life and don't want to keep myself so busy.

    However, i hope and can live more fascinating.
  • Dec 13 2011: I enjoy living each day as a unique experience.... something unpredictable is bound yo happen
  • Dec 6 2011: wht i love most is spending some time with my gf....
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    Dec 5 2011: No single thing. It's the whole cocktail that's enjoyable, the surprise and infinite variety in life. (But a good pizza and a good beer with good friends scores pretty high.)
  • Dec 5 2011: It gose without saying that I enjoy my life most !
    Being alive is the greatest thing I've ever experienced.
    Only in this way, I can feel the wind,enjoy the sun shine, hear the birds' songs,and do many more things.
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    Dec 2 2011: Flying and being outside.
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    Dec 1 2011: Successfully returning to a pleasant dream that was interrupted.
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    Dec 1 2011: Visceral interactions with fellow human beings. Or, enjoying a couple of cold beers & warm conversations with good friends!
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    Dec 1 2011: Right now....sleeping more than 4/ 5 hours :) and the people closest to me that i love :D