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Never get a cold again (grow elderberries)

Something in the juice prevents viruses from infecting mucus membranes. This protocol works: gargle twice a day with 1ml of elderberry juice (available without alcohol) AND rinse sinuses with sterile saline with a drop of juice per pint OR eye drops up to twice daily of Eyewash (1 quart saline with 1Tbsp boric acid & 1 ml juice) = no colds!


Closing Statement from Linus Hollis

Sorry to be dilatory getting back to this, but ending viral susceptibility via mucous membranes does not keep an emphysemic like me from getting fungal pneumonia and being under the weather for a few weeks. Viruses are still transmitted by insects, especially mosquitoes [why aren't there genetic engineered ways of making them extinct yet?] and through ingestion and blood/broken skin. The vast majority of viral infections are mucous mediated and now preventable. Another month of use affirms the efficacy of this inexpensive daily prophylaxis as easy to do as dental hygiene or skin cleansing. The eye drops are easy to make and not irritating and an alternative to the almost universally disliked sinus rinsing, which my sister compared to waterboarding. I don't find it that unpleasant and an RN in the volunteer group likes it, describing it as leaving a clean feeling. She has allergies and finds her use of decongestants is lower when she does daily sinus irrigation. I will repost every month. Be well!

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    Dec 2 2011: Hi Linus! We would love to see the proof of your statements. It might be true but I would need some evidence.
    • Dec 4 2011: I set up the testing with 150 volunteers to protect their anonymity. I felt that the protocols were safe and effective after 6 months of efficacy and didn't want to delay their publication. The levels of use of Elderberry juice generally found in herbals & on the products raise IG-E levels & will provoke problems with the immune system. The protocol leaves immune systems alone, so it's safe for children pregnancy, and people with existing immune problems.

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