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Does handwriting have a place in the modern world?

People's appeal to handwriting decreased due to the increased use of computers. Nowadays, most people type their projects, researches, home works and answer their final exams on computers.

So, does handwriting have any importance in the modern world?

What effect does technology have on handwriting?

Should we teach our children how to handwrite, or will typing be enough?

Won't handwriting be something from the past?

There are very few handwritten books sold in the market, most books are typed. Does this indicate that handwriting is in its death stage?

Will bad handwriting stop people from writing in the near future?



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  • Dec 5 2011: True. Handwriting is no more in such use like it was before, but still its importance persists.

    Something written is more nearer to the intellect. You can touch your words and by the same intensity you can feel their meanings. Something you write seems more ORIGINAL, more YOU, then any other type of writing. People still write diaries which reflects SELF in a better way than typing in MS Word Software. Last but not least, If we talk about a personal sign which makes a paper a contract, a treaty, or a valuable document is also handwriting.

    Beside all, it’s YOUR's. Your very Personal thing. From which people know you and judge you.

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