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Is a one world government just around the corner?

Humans have gone from caves to settlements, from villages to towns, from cities to metropolises, and from states to unions. As we have grown in number we have grown closer both geographically and culturally. Technology has vastly helped increase our interconnectedness further. Is our path therefore predetermined? Will one day our states become only memories, as a single global union dotted with vast 'megacities' becomes our future?


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    Dec 1 2011: Thanks for the response Tim.

    It's a good point you make; global democracy. I would hope that if a one world system were to develop it would be pluralist in its nature; utilising knowledge and expertise from all corners of the globe. In fact maybe that would be the whole point. If one 'super government' could gather all the best minds from all disciplines and put them in one place, then all of earth's citizens could benefit from the result. This may prevent dysfunctional systems like that found in the US having to wait for other state's solutions. Although the internet already plays a massive role in this.

    Of course the shortcomings to a one world system are numerous. That much power concentrated in one place would lead to massive government paranoia, probably resulting in a vast and invasive police state. I foresee underground revolutionaries battling the all knowing all powerful demigod in a post-apocalyptic landscape! Maybe too much sci-fi.

    I think the need to pool resources in the future will force us to cooperate more and more; either that or an alien invasion. We may not be ready for a one world system, but I have my doubts about the future of the state.

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