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How will you strive to change the World?

Hi there everyone,

The question is quite self explanatory I think. I really want to know what all of you are doing or what you absolutely will do. So I'm looking for the steps you will definitely take, rather than ones you may.

I posted a related question, asking "What would you tell children about following their dreams?" over here:

I'm asking these questions as part of a video project of mine related to inspiring people to follow their dreams, right wrongs, and strive to change the world. Its all part of a web and real world project dedicated to enabling and empowering people, which we're starting called Utopian.

I'd love to quote the answers that some of you provide to this question and use them in the video. We'll be constructing a kind of 'visual wall' featuring everyone's statements.

We'll credit each person by placing their name next to their statement on the wall, which we'll be filming as an important part of the video.

Thanks a lot,


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  • Dec 27 2011: Hello,
    I feel that there are many ways that a person can change the world and that the way that each person can change the world is different. I am currently an undergrad premed student at the University of Illinois U-C and I hope to someday make people aware of all of the suffering in the world and that everyone should take action to help each other. The race, ethnicity, or religion or someone should not matter, people should help each other because we are human beings. My dream is to bring the world together and remind people of the importance of compassion. Best of luck with your project.
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      Dec 31 2011: Thanks David,
      I too believe that it is so vitally importnat that we first recognize ourselves as all being 'humans' or all being 'part of life', before getting into all these abstract separations. If we gave humanity a concrete identity, and powerful symbols that people could rally around (Like countries have flags) then it would be that much harder for people to put aside the suffering of others, simply because they are 'different' to them. I think so many of us are moving in these directions, and I think that with the right galvanizing projects and symbols, many more of us will come forward and take steps to make your dream come true. I think we have a lot of reasons to be optimistic, if we're ready to stand for the things we believe in.

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