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How will you strive to change the World?

Hi there everyone,

The question is quite self explanatory I think. I really want to know what all of you are doing or what you absolutely will do. So I'm looking for the steps you will definitely take, rather than ones you may.

I posted a related question, asking "What would you tell children about following their dreams?" over here:

I'm asking these questions as part of a video project of mine related to inspiring people to follow their dreams, right wrongs, and strive to change the world. Its all part of a web and real world project dedicated to enabling and empowering people, which we're starting called Utopian.

I'd love to quote the answers that some of you provide to this question and use them in the video. We'll be constructing a kind of 'visual wall' featuring everyone's statements.

We'll credit each person by placing their name next to their statement on the wall, which we'll be filming as an important part of the video.

Thanks a lot,


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  • Dec 17 2011: I just don't know yet...I have so many ideas and ideals and passions and anger. I wish for vindication for those suffering and awareness for those who are oblivious. I want to be a writer, a journalist, a film maker an activist. I want to paint, to make music, to use my life as a canvas and my voice as a score. But the question is: where to start? In the face of overwhelming opposition and perpetual tyranny, does one start with the hearts and the minds of those of privilege in the 'west', or does one run to feed and clothe those who have nothing?
    It pains me to admit but so very often despite my mindfulness I find myself maintaing the status quo, I find myself sitting still in apathy.
    I pray for a cause. One i can dedicate my life to with no reserve. One that I could give my very life for. I pray for the tools and the opportunities to present themselves. I fear that I will not recognize them when they do.
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      Dec 25 2011: Thank you so much for your response Elisha! I'm sorry I took so long to reply to this, I've had a little pestering sickness the last few days which hasn't kept me too on top of things! I think your words show a wonderful willfulness to give to the world and be of creative value, and to me that is the greatest thing any of us can do in our lives. So my small piece of advice to you is simply to start 'with why' (Watch Simon Sinek's talk if you haven't). Think about the difference you believe in, something that can set a fire in your heart every day, something you truly love or believe passionately in. Combine this with whatever activity or skill you find yourself most naturally enjoying and put them together to craft a path forward. As long as you know why you're doing what you're doing, you'll already have started, and the start will be..just the beginning. As it should be!

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