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Has anyone ever measured or been able to measure the distance/path of a single point on earths surface as if the milky way is center.

What I'm looking for is a picture or video of the path that a point on the earths crust at say some island near the equator would look like for a humans average life or even longer?... so for example if our sun was the center point (a child could think) you would see 365 circles made into an oval around the sun in the span of an earth I don't think they would turn out to be circles maybe it would just be an S curve the whole way around or a bunch of roundabouts so to speak.

Now seeing that alone would be awesome just to see the actual design that comes to face when the earth makes 365 rotations around the sun... or hell 27,375 rotations around the sun for someone who lived 75 years at a point near the equator.

But than looking even further whats that same concept look like when you pick the milky way as the center or beyond?

I'm looking for answers that are visual which i know is hard but as accurate as possible would be amazing, as i think the design alone would be incredible...

First time question on here so sorry if the formats wack!