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I want to create a foundation which supports research projects that preserve human civilisation beyond the destruction of planet Earth.

What is your view on climate change? Is it that it is real and we have to do something to stop it? Or do you think that climate change is not real, so we do not have to do anything about it?

What if I tell you it is possible to have a third view? I think that there is overwhelming evidence that the Earth's climate is changing for the worse, and is convinced that human activity is causing it. That would seem to put me in the first category. However, I do not think we should be so eager in trying to stop it from happening. That puts me in a new, and oftentimes neglected third category.

Do I think that we should just let the Earth warm, and kill us off and hope for a future without humans? Of course not. What I'm proposing here is that instead of wasting time and effort into renewable energy trying to curb global warming, we should instead direct our effort into building safe havens for humans in the event of a catastrophic disaster. There is no guarantee that even if we can dodge global warming this time, we can avert another Earth-threatening disaster. Examples include a large meteorite impact (natural) and an unavoidable nuclear winter (artificial).

The disdain of fossil fuels and even nuclear energy has a purely environmental motivation, and has no regard towards human civilisation itself. To the Green activists, it seems that Earth's natural environment and its wildlife are more important than humans and the great civilisation that we have built on this planet.

I like Earth's beautiful environment too, but I know that it is ephemeral and we cannot preserve it forever. There is only one thing worth preserving on Earth and we have complete control over it - human ingenuity and civilisation. That's why I propose we spend our valuable time and effort into building self-enclosed cities which are shielded from any harsh environment that we may find ourselves in. I wish to set up a foundation which works towards this goal.

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  • Dec 12 2011: I agree. In the imminence of our species inability to exist in the open air on Terran, we should begin to design Sanctuaries, against the worst.
    This should include basic food items and gene and seed banks for those we cant cultivate for some extended period under the :galss" with us;
    Also include complete human gene banks,against massivew de ppulation, to avoid a genetic bottlenece if we ever get back out into the open
    Also complete knowledge banks, to ensure a fignting chance to possibly coreect the disaster technically---someday.