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What is the best way to increase life expectancy?

I am clueless... Some say mutating the Daf-2 gene and making the receptor of that cell smaller? Others say, "just don't eat as many calories in your diet!"

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    Dec 1 2011: - Meditate
    - Eat naturally
    - No stress
    - Strong friendships (sense of community)

    I also feel that Descartes was right in "I think therefore I am," and to project yourself being healthy, living long and to be happy would create the paths toward such goals.
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    Dec 1 2011: Aside from the genetic research you mention (which looks promising ... if we want to live longer.)

    Here's what "the research" says (please do not ask me to cite my sources.)

    - A strong social network
    - Responsibility
    - Contribution
    - Education
    - Healthcare
    - Moderate income or above
    - Good diet (Basically: Lots of veggies and avoid the bad stuff.)
    - Exercise
    - Clean air
    - Clean water
    - Avoid toxins
    - Avoid excessive risk


    EDIT: I had a feeling I'd left something off the list: Faith or, more accurately, religion is correlated to a longer life. It may be because it fosters stronger social connections through attendance of services. It doesn't matter which religion.
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    Dec 3 2011: Life expectancy has been increasing in most countries along with improvements in hygiene, immunization, medical science, working conditions and diet, without actually focusing on length of life as such. I expect that will continue for a while, without worrying much about life expectancy. Our lives are really amazingly long already in "developed" countries. With older people requiring public expenditures for many years it's not clear that a much longer life is even desirable, unless it were combined with dramatic advances in anti-aging.

    But much will depend on how we tackle the continuing population growth. Many of our fundamental food sources (fisheries, agricultural topsoil) are in a very precarious state and are not being renewed. So a population crash through famine or pandemic is not unlikely. "Life expectancy" then would mean a fight for immediate survival.
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    Dec 1 2011: What you can do at your level is :

    - eat decently
    - make love often
    - avoid stress
    - live in Western societies