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After 8 years I believe I've cracked the code for Open Source Religion.

Hi everyone, I run a website called OpenSourceReligion.net and recently published my Discourse on Open Source Religion here: http://www.opensourcereligion.net/profiles/blogs/a-discourse-on-open-source-religion

I started evolving this idea years ago and didn't do much with it at that time except to talk to people about it and post in a lot of forums for critique. There were a lot of issues with the idea back then, hurdles that kept it from entirely making sense to me. But after many years of polish I do believe I have the working prototype for Open Source Religion.

The working definition:
Open Source Religion is the global phenomena in which multiple beliefs (eg: salvation and karma) from both religions and personal beliefs are utilized within an individual.

I'm aiming to create a website that allows people to explore their own OSR. I've got some very well thought out ideas on this but don't have the skillset (coding) or funding to get it done. I do save money time to time and hire a coder here and there but the process has been taking forever.

Anyway, take a look if you like and feel free to ask me anything about it.

EDIT: For some reason, it seems the TED forums are glitched for me, as I am unable to respond to anything in this discussion anymore! I can sometimes reply in other discussions but not this one. Beats me but I'll keep trying. :(


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    Dec 2 2011: I “believe” in the necessity of a new, global approach to beliefs and religious beliefs altogether, which, in many people’s view, have become obsolete by now.
    But by “beliefs” do you intend “an idea or thing that is passed from person to person and is being (…) adopted for its usefulness or other purpose - in some cases becoming a wildly popular idea that can't be stopped” or that, at times, if proven useless, is “abandoned to die a quick and ignoble death” ? If such, you could be referring to “memes”, a concept dear in consciousness studies. As each era has its own, yours might prove useful and timely, or even, at some point from now on, “unstoppable”, who knows…
    I also agree with you that it is precisely this unprecedented surge in the “global mind”, or global consciousness that might allow non-confrontational and constructive (religious or not) encounters for the first time in human history, in terms of empathy and unification. Therefore, you could be right in your predicting that religion, (the three monotheistic ones that you call “proprietary religions”) no more can survive the way it has so far (as regional dogmas), but it has to suffer “natural progression and maturation” as you say, and acknowledge the “customized beliefs”.
    I have only one, major objection here, since we are talking about religion. Regretfully, as experience has taught us, it repeatedly happened in old and recent history that someone, having had some subjective, non-ordinary experience, has decided to found a new,“truer” religion, with himself at the helm, in an aura of divine light – but he only brought more ego inflation into the world: “I’m the One into the Right Religion!”. I’m only saying that, not knowing how to read what you say: you foresee “ a virtual empire and a new era in religio-spiritual experience”, “it is my dream to help bring Open Source Religion into that light”, and “I intend to be the Steve Jobs of religion”. Forgive me please, for being too cautious.
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      Dec 2 2011: No forgiveness needed, as you've not stepped on my toes at all.

      Open Source Religion, by nature, cannot suffer the same ego-faults that religions of the past have. The reason for this is that there are ZERO beliefs/dogma within OSR. Zero.

      OSR is a foundation upon which people can build in whatever beliefs they so choose. This being the case, there can be no prophets, save for the prophets of people's specific belief systems (Jesus, Buddha, or even modern people like Neal Donald Walch). OSR cannot ever be hijacked by anyone's personal beliefs, including mine, because the very foundation of OSR is that we all build our own religions. I hope this helps clarify, please let me know.

      I should better explain the statements you quoted as well...

      "Virtual empire..."
      This is in reference to a literal "virtual" (read as digital) empire of websites that would allow us to explore Open Source Religion together. Not that you can't do this on your own already, but it would be so cool to do this online, don't you think?

      "Steve Jobs of religion"
      This is my favorite because it's kind of ridiculous. :)
      What I mean by this is very oriented toward a sort of innovation and product development perspective. I feel I have a natural knack for putting together the current shaky state of religion into logical, useable ideas and products and services. OSR is the first example of this and I have a couple more I've already been working on a few years which I'm very excited about.

      Short answer, no, I don't intend to be a messiah of any kind. Personally I'm very Pantheistic, but you'd never know that by looking into Open Source Religion.

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