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I have several ideas that could change the world. I'd like to share and develop them. What would be the platform? How to keep my ideas safe?

I have three online projects on my mind. They are so complex that even one is more than enough for one lifetime.

1) I've thought of and sketched out a workflow to work on collaborative governance. It would be a way to structure collective discussion and voting on a question - answer and project proposal base. The more I look at it, I feel it will work. For the moment I study quora.com to learn how it organizes the interactions. The Berlin Pirate Party are working on Liquid Democracy, a system that allows for voting and discussion by the broader audience.
2) I've had the idea to build a project like WOT, (web of trust) on the value of information. It could be integrated in something like stumbleupon, which already does a selection of information. I'm trying to find the right factors to asses information. I feel this might make a big difference on the web.
3)I'm building a project to connect complementary medicine and regular healthcare. To have better knowledge management in these topics.

I see it as slightly attainable to work on the third project alone, but the three of them is really to much, but I believe so much it might work I cannot let it go. I'd like to share my ideas, find a platform to develop them.

I'm talented as an artist and I've put that talent aside because I felt I could do more through other means than art. I hope I don't sound to boastfull, I try to be honest to my ideas and I feel they really could make a big difference. My mind is boggled by the complexity but I feel I do not want to waste these ideas.

Who could help? Who would like to listen? How do I make sure my ideas are falling into the right hands?

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    Dec 4 2011: Hey Erik!

    whatever you find out, do you mind sharing with the community? i have the same problem. i feel like holding these plans and not acting on them is eating me away, especially since i know for a fact that this will work!just let me know
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    Dec 2 2011: Document your idea and post it back to yourself in a registered sealed & dated envelope. Keep the envelope unopened as proof. This is one crude way of holding some evidence on the idea's originality.

    Are you able to elaborate a little on your 3rd project and what do you mean by building? are you organising resources, building software or are you developing an architecture? I may be able to help.
  • Nov 30 2011: Move this over to the IDEAS section.....
  • Nov 30 2011: Three pieces of advice from an inventor/entrepreneur:

    1) Everything has been done before. Do a lot of background research before investing time and energy into a new idea.
    2) No one likes your ideas as much as you do. It's unlikely that anyone will ever directly and intentionally steal your ideas. And frankly, if you're looking to change the world (and not just get rich), who cares if your idea gets stolen?
    3) Share, share, share. Ideas get better by passing them around. Usually only many, many hours of hard work and drudgery will produce good results from your ideas, so find as many people as you can to join you.
    • Dec 1 2011: Well said. From my own experience with start ups, a few additional advices:

      - having an idea is usually the easy part. Being able to execute it is the hard part

      - find the right people is very difficult and but critical

      - start simple, iterate and start with simple prototype. Show it to people and improve as you go

      - focus only on one project and core functionality