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Do you use crowd wisdom to think? Be part of creating the first ever crowd sourced TED talk

I'm about to speak at TED 2012 and present the first ever crowd-sourced TED talk :-)
I'm inviting you to be part of this process and create together my presentation.
Before asking for your help, here's my main idea:
Wisdom of Crowds theory exists for many years. The theory states that the collective wisdom of big crowds is smarter than experts as we solve problems or make decisions.
Until recently, the use of the wisdom of crowds was possible primarily for organizations that have invested resources in developing technological solutions that transformed crowd wisdom into products such as Wikipedia.
This means that anyone with enough social network friends can ask questions that will require them to think. The collective wisdom from all the answers is probably the smartest thing to do.
There are already a few people who are using this method. By doing so, they upgrade their ability to think and make decisions significantly.
That's it…
I'm creating my TED talk using crowd wisdom, your wisdom. It will be the first ever crowd sourced TED talk.
I hope that you'll join me in this journey and take part of this process.
I'm looking for exceptional individuals (not organizations) who are using their own social network profile in order to get crowd wisdom in a way that improves their personal or professional lives significantly.
I'll share their stories in my TED talk :-)
Here are a few areas of interest – musicians, educators, designers, spiritual leaders, marketing experts, people looking for relationships etc.
In addition, if you have interesting stories or ideas that might add value to this topic, I'll be happy if you share them with me.
You can join my journey and get more information at my blog http://liorz.co.il/blog
Looking forward to read your insights.
Thank you.


Closing Statement from Lior Zoref

Thank you for the amazing insights and feedback.

You can read the text of my talk here - http://www.ted.com/conversations/8326/the_first_ever_crowd_sourced_t.html

Thank you so much.

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    Nov 30 2011: Hello Lior,

    I love your idea and I can't wait to see the result.

    I believe the Open Translation Project (https://www.ted.com/OpenTranslationProject) is very close to what you describe (if I understand it correctly). We have this huge network of volunteer translators from around the world and we all contribute and collaborate to improve the quality of the subtitles and help spread TED ideas even further.
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      Nov 30 2011: Hi Dimitra,
      Yes and No. Yes because it's a perfect example of crowdsourcing to deal with the very difficult challnge of translations. And no because I'm looking for examples where it's being practiced for personal use. This means that regular people are using their own profile on social networks to think with others and gain crowd wisdom in the personal or professional life.
      Besides that, the open translation project is amazing. Keep on doing the good work!

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