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Just Two Things...A Healthy Reductionistic Point of View (create more meaning in your life)

There are really only two problems (Just Two Things). Imagine if you will, a giant alien space ship with Star Trek technology hovering next to the Earth. Within a few seconds, all 7,000,000,000 people (plus) are beamed aboard the space ship. Each person is beamed into a holographic environment, and has full communication with loved ones. All missing persons are accounted for. All pets are accounted for. All medical needs are met. Anyone can communicate and “beam” to anyone else. The Aliens are good guys, not bad guys. Bad guys have restrictions. back on Earth, what problems are there? Think big. Don't think about your stuff. Please don't worry about losing power or position or responsibility. The Aliens respect us. They will put us back. What problems are there on Earth? (As far as Humanity can understand, we cannot eliminate these two problems, only manage them)
First: ENTROPY. The sun will eventually burn out. The Earth will eventually fall out of orbit and be lifeless. More immediately... things die. What goes up must come down. DNA will break. Plate Tectonics will continue to happen. Mount Everest may be eroded away.
Second: FOOD CHAIN. With all due respect and humility...this is a lousy system. Have you ever watched a sea snake eat a crab? Ever watch a mother lion lose a cub? Awful. Animals live in fear everyday. Fight or flight. Big fish have to eat the little fish. Wolves eat rabbits. Hawks have to eat field mice. Dumb system! This system of energy transfer creates unnecessary suffering. I understand "that is the way nature is", but come on...humanity can rise above this way of thinking; this way of life.
People will argue that “There are so many problems, how do we fix them all?” I disagree. There are only two problems (Just Two Things). Humanity is intelligent enough to manage them both. Humanity does not have to live in fear, or suffer unnecessarily. When thinking of a career or business, please keep this in mind. Humanity, let's jam.

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    Dec 15 2011: I have often wondered if a terror of death is unique to humans in the animal kingdom, due to our overdeveloped concept of 'I'. I have watched creatures being hunted and caught. There is fear and struggle at the outset, while the creature struggles against its fate and tries to stay alive, but once it is firmly held in the jaws of death, and is really certain there will be no release, I have noticed that often the creature seems to acquiese to death. It seems to embrace it.

    It would be impossible to prove (with today's technology) if my idea is correct, however I wish to show, that a fear of death, right and wrong, bad and good, are all just perceptions. Social constructs that may be more transitory and elusive than we realise. We live inside our own human 'matrix' and who knows how close it is to that of other entities on the planet, or indeed even humans of the past and the future.
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      Dec 15 2011: Thank you for your comment! When I see a wolf with a rabbit in it's mouth, I see a happy wolf, happy cubs all playing and snuggling together. BUT, I see a scared, suffering, then dead rabbit, whose family will be wondering what happened to mom or dad. Even if this phenomenon is just an illusion or part of a grand scheme, I think the system is terrible. There is no justification for it, nor any philosophy that will make this system acceptable. There are so many books, movies, and research around it all attempting to accept, rationalize, intellectualize, and become one with this nature. Humanity needs to step up and understand that the Food Chain design is quite flawed.

      I appreciate life, and I love Earth, and I respect and appreciate any higher power; However, when I find the Complaint Department, or a Suggestion Box, I will file a formal complaint: The Food Chain is terrible. Humanity has the opportunity to stop accepting the Food Chain mentality, rise above it, and find ways to reduce suffering. Lions and Zebra's should be able to "hang out" together, with no worries, live long lives, and live comfortable, "non-suffering" passings.

      The "jaws of death" are all around us. We need to file and brush it's teeth, give it a mint and a tongue massage and firmly explain that we are taking more control over it.
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        Dec 15 2011: You are very sensitive Thomas, anyone can see that. I too often feel the same way. Of course we have to turn a blind eye to so many horrors in today's human dog-eat-dog world, let alone the systems in the natural world.

        Of course we interpreting suffering through our human paradigm, which is all we can do. Possibly an oak tree suffers too when it is chopped down, and maybe the creatures in my compost heap mourn the loss of their community everytime I spread it on my vege patch.

        What do we do with all this? I believe in a belevolent universe, so I wonder if death is really so terrible, and it is only the fear of death that causes suffering. Or another idea;, if there is such a thing as real death. Perhaps all energy based creatures go on. Perhaps the other critters understand this, and we have forgotten.
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          Dec 16 2011: Any living being that has a central area in the brain dealing with sadness, anger or fear suffers. Humanity can see this, scientifically. The oak tree may suffer, but we don't know for sure.

          Given our human paradigm, death (our perception of death) is problematic, and it causes suffering. If there is a benevolent universe, then Humanity needs to step up and decrease the suffering that we know of. No-one should be suffering right now, as I type this message. There should be no unnecessary suffering. Death is not terrible, but premature death is. Humanity can prevent it.

          I really appreciate your comments!
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    Dec 9 2011: Ok Thomas...

    Good to meet you !

    First of all let me say how much I like your idea... but let me play devil's advocate just to see where it will lead...ok?

    Let's assume that what you are saying is dead on !

    Are you suggesting that all we need to do is recognize the truth of your statement, and the rest will take care of itself ?
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      Dec 9 2011: Awesome ! Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for! (I owe you a cup of coffee!)

      But alas, no...recognition of the truth is not enough. Humanity needs to take an active role in order to manage Entropy and the Food Chain.

      But really, can you think of any other problems? There are none. (I'll betchya!)

      YES, keep playing devil's advocate...if you have the time and interest...entropy and the food chain are powerful phenomenon, and losing interest is part of entropy!

      I really appreciate your time!
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        Dec 9 2011: Well Thomas...

        Sorry for the delay !

        I just got back from hunting and I need to have a quick bite to eat. Otherwise, I fear, this conversation won't continue.

        So help me out here...

        You are stating that the recognition of the truth of your idea, is NOT enough ?

        Now what...?

        And please hurry... as I am getting ready to take a nap !
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          Dec 9 2011: Ha Ha ! Ah, but we know there is no truth, and that is true (or not). But after you finish your moose steak, watch a Hollywood movie, and take a nap, just realize that I have found the truth :)

          There really are only two problems. So instead of trying to find the truth, let's just realize that I am right, and start to work on Entropy and the Food Chain, before Aliens drop by and start shooting at us!
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        Dec 9 2011: I agree !

        No point in getting involved in a long-winded discussion.

        I'll take you at your word !

        Glad you found the truth, that isn't true !

        Take 'er Easy!
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          Dec 10 2011: I should have made this a debate, because I wouldn't mind the long-winded discussion. There may be some truth to that :)

          Rock On !
  • Dec 9 2011: i Think our biggest problem is our judgement of the words right and wrong. No matter how hard we try will never find a definite indicator and this because they are not real things. yet we continue to use them as tools for confusion. one mans outlook is right to him but sounds wrong to someone else but just because some one else thinks its wrong does not meen the other mans outlook will change.
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      Dec 9 2011: I really appreciate you reading my idea and commenting! Thank you!

      Just like we have to learn how to get along with our individual selves, Humanity will have to learn how to get along with itself. I really believe right and wrong are built in to our DNA. Humanity already knows what is right and wrong. Trying to find an indicator of what is right or wrong is too complex and infinite, because every part of an atom can move in infinite directions. One Carbon atom can move in the wrong direction, and "poof" confusion happens.

      Just like an individual can learn to live without unnecessary confusion, Humanity can learn to live without unnecessary confusion.