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How can more young people make a positive change in the local and global community?

Young people have such big appetites for ideas and initiatives, and possess brilliant, creative and open minds- yet they often remain left out of critical conversations about how to make positive changes in our communities. How do we embrace youth now to make a positive contribution? How do we prepare young people to become active participants in their world and communities in years to come? What role to schools play? Parents?

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    Dec 13 2011: School need to be a leader in their development as parents. I think that we need to get more event for young . We also need to help networking and event organisation. Make it easier and get people to help each other. Putting idea, energy and motivation in the same place is the best way to change the world. So Putting people give TEDtalk with inspirated people and young will create project idea and than with school support , will actually create change in the society.