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Should TED invite a Stay-at-Home mother to speak?

I want to hear from intelligent, interesting stay-at-home parents. I want to learn from and with others about one of the most important and most difficult jobs a person could have.

I want to hear from those people raising the scientists, artists, mathematicians, musicians, business, political and religious leaders of the world.


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    Dec 1 2011: If there is someone who can give an interesting, insightful and original presentation about being a stay-at-home parent then I don't see why not. I once heard a great lecture on simply being married (Reflections from a Long Marriage, Swarthmore Lecture, 2006) - so it'd make sense that a great talk on parenthood should be possible. The question I think, is how to find a stay-at-home parent with something that they really want to say to TED.

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