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How can I incorporate new technology into my education?

Within the past few years, the world has exploded with new technology. I am someone lucky enough to have access to a lot of these new products. As I current high school student, my question is: how do I use these revolutionary tools to enhance my education? I feel like I am under utilizing these resources. How have you integrated technology into your lives?

  • Nov 30 2011: Pick a project suited to the new tool and just *do* something. Most people learn best by doing. Have a simple, achievable goal and try to create a concrete final product. Maybe it will be a solution to a problem you or one of your friends has. Maybe it will be something you can sell.
    Usually my barrier to using new technology is fear that it will take longer than "doing it the old way." So what? No matter how much effort it takes, the point is that you're learning.