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How does one not acquiesce to suffering?

After I finished watching Natalie's talk , I showed my roommates and of course we all were inspired. Then I asked a question that, "why is it that the citizens of western nations seem to be so eager to help but while we here in the east seem to accept and in a way acquiesce to the hardship around us?"

The only conclusion I came up with is that when you see suffering 24/7 especially in Nigeria, you are tempted to just see it as the norm. Even after relocating to Nigeria I have been tempted to do this.

So the question is how do we prevent this?


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    Dec 13 2011: Also what can the givers (country) of the aid do? Such as change the taxes laws for their corporations doing business there. Buildings, schools, a grocery store, and fulfilling basic needs to bring the culture into a modern world where they have a factory, somewhat like GE has done. Be best to have the American companies do that type of thing to receive all of the tax breaks they already do get from America. I am even less familiar with other countries corporate tax law to speak for them.

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