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How does one not acquiesce to suffering?

After I finished watching Natalie's talk , I showed my roommates and of course we all were inspired. Then I asked a question that, "why is it that the citizens of western nations seem to be so eager to help but while we here in the east seem to accept and in a way acquiesce to the hardship around us?"

The only conclusion I came up with is that when you see suffering 24/7 especially in Nigeria, you are tempted to just see it as the norm. Even after relocating to Nigeria I have been tempted to do this.

So the question is how do we prevent this?


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    Nov 30 2011: To overcome this faster... Portable electricity, legallized pornography, and a tax that provides free contraception... For portable electricity, you need to boil water, with mirrors, and or magnifying glasses. It's a new technology, it's impossible to patent, and you can make the materials with recycled trash, or glass/sand. Glass making is hard work, it's time consuming, and Europeans don't want to do it anymore, so it's going to be a long time before a billionaire brings Nigeria this technology... The people could learn to bring it to themselves.

    You'll need to experiment, I'm buying an old boarded up house near Las Vegas soon to test, so I might be the billionaire that comes there eventually... Outcompete me : )

    Pornography, and electricity, have domesticated the western man, and turned us into lazy cowards, that just kinda do what we're told... and I highly recommend it.. lol.
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      Nov 30 2011: lol I will pass on the pornography, at least fantasies of food will come before fantasies of women lol, and that's a nice idea especially for the rural and traditional settings where technology and crowd accelerated innovation is low, just hurry up and be that billionaire so you can contribute over here!

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