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What is a soul and what is its purpose?

What is a soul? Does a soul exist? If so,what is its purpose? What has a soul?

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    Nov 30 2011: Like the dewdrops on the grass reflect the light of the one sun so every living being is reflecting the one soul in its own particular way. The sole purpose of soul is to enjoy and celebrate life as it expands to ever more beauty.
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    Nov 29 2011: I have no idea.

    Sometime back my 7 yr son asked me whether plants have soul or not being a living thing (don't from where he got the idea of soul)
    Answered don't know then asked what is soul you think ?
    He answersd it's like battery.
    Again asked what does it mean ?
    He told as our car got stuck because battery ran out (couple of days back it happened really) , same when soul runs out people die.

    Year back when my father died he asked me , why everyone is telling grand pa died , it seems he is sleeping. I tried to explain , the phenomenon... he immediately answered "oh I understand LIFE gone , so grand pa is dead"... ....
    First it was concept of life, now after one year he is asking about SOUL ....don't how he got this idea ......but It was a difficult question for me really.....
  • Nov 29 2011: As a nonreligious person I find the soul to be a thought and idea more than an actuality. A soul is what makes life into life. IT is a way of explaining the metaphorical heart inside us. But most of all I believe it is the one thing we hide behind when confronted with the fact that we are animals. No one is comfortable with the idea that we are not as far from our quadrupedal as we'd like to think. We need a way to truly alienate ourselves from our heritage so we claim to have a "soul".
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    Nov 29 2011: A soul is a name that has been given to a wide range of phenomena until a proper explanation was available.