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If we all work TOGETHER towards ONE goal, we can achieve it must faster than working AGAINST EACH OTHER towards the SAME goal.

Religion/War/Poverty/Fighting. Why? Why not work together and make our World strong and make the people on it more efficient?


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  • Nov 29 2011: Something that philosophers have pondered since we developed language. My thoughts? Greed. Same reason communism fails to take of. Greed. We are inherently greedy and do what's best for us. I do. You do. Anyone reading this does. Because if you only do what's best for others chances are you're going to die unless someone else supports you. Another is individuality. No one is the same. I myself am nonreligious. Therefore my views on religion will far differ from yours. Poverty? There's no poverty in a good communist system. Unfortunately, as I stated before, communism destroys itself through greed. A large number of wars are through either greed or religion. And fighting is two men disagreeing to the point of violence.

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