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If we all work TOGETHER towards ONE goal, we can achieve it must faster than working AGAINST EACH OTHER towards the SAME goal.

Religion/War/Poverty/Fighting. Why? Why not work together and make our World strong and make the people on it more efficient?

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    Dec 1 2011: Right on Blake, I run a 501(c)(3) and I always marvel at charities that try and discredit other charities that are working toward the same goal. My charity revolves around sport and about a year ago, and I met a senior executive for a well known sports governing organization. She tried to make me believe that competition is good in science and in charity work...not so. The sports cliches just do not work very well in this case. Collaboration/Teamwork is key in reaching any goal with success. We could solve more problems more quickly if we share and stop with all the competition and money grubbing.
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    Nov 29 2011: Mr. Ekelund, I couldn't agree with you more! I have a strong belief that there are really Only Two Problems with life and/or existence in general, and Humanity could work together on these two problems, increasing the quality of life for everyone. The Only Two Problems are Entropy and the Food Chain. A goal could be to reduce unnecessary suffering, by better managing Entropy and the Food Chain... can you imagine if we all focused on that goal?
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    Dec 1 2011: A non-profit. We raise funds for breast cancer research through the sport of Volleyball. We also are trying to teach the importance of teamwork and collaboration to these young people so that they take their amateur sports experience and apply it to life.
  • Nov 29 2011: Okay. Let's do it. I'm willing to start with any one positive goal. Let's frame the subject in a positive way. Instead of "fighting" the negatives, let's collaborate on creating and enhancing the positives, e.g., elevating the economic power of all people, living in peace in mutually beneficial ways, respecting the religious beliefs of others even if they are different than ours as long as they have positive impacts on the living, paying creative people in accordance with the value of their output.
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    Nov 29 2011: (The answers might lie in history and biology Blake...;-) )

    Short answer: we are not perfect when it comes to social behavior. And maybe that is not such a bad thing.

    Which goal would you choose?
    And why would we need to agree on your choice? Would you agree to the choice your elders made for you?

    Another fact: competition can often achieve faster results than no competition (look at economy or the X prize for example)
    • Nov 29 2011: You ask some great questions,
      First, The goal I am thinking of is known as survival. The population crisis will reach 8 billion in 2030 and for what I have seen, the more population, the less for everyone else. How are we going to move on? Do we try to colonize a planet or two? Do we set restrictions on number of children one can have?

      Second, We need to agree on it, so we do not destroy each other reaching the same goal. For example, The super comittee discussing our nations debt is going NOWHERE because they can not agree and come together on anything. This is what I see happenning for the World.
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        Nov 30 2011: As for survival: humans will overcome great tragedy... and population will decrease eventually...

        Colonizing other planets: great thing to do!

        As for agreeing: having a consensus is often sufficient and the most practical approach.
        As for doing something: just need sufficient people who are willing to execute it, no need to have the whole world to agree on it
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    Nov 29 2011: and what if we have different goals? isn't the purpose of all the struggle to eliminate the different goals? maybe we can reduce suffering with accepting differences, instead of struggling for unification?
  • Nov 29 2011: Something that philosophers have pondered since we developed language. My thoughts? Greed. Same reason communism fails to take of. Greed. We are inherently greedy and do what's best for us. I do. You do. Anyone reading this does. Because if you only do what's best for others chances are you're going to die unless someone else supports you. Another is individuality. No one is the same. I myself am nonreligious. Therefore my views on religion will far differ from yours. Poverty? There's no poverty in a good communist system. Unfortunately, as I stated before, communism destroys itself through greed. A large number of wars are through either greed or religion. And fighting is two men disagreeing to the point of violence.