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God/creation vs. big bang/evolution = no conflict!?!?!

Grand Unifying Theory
By Aaron Lea

The following is not written by a scientist, but a philosopher. Many of the conclusions herein are not researched, as human technology has not reached a sufficient level to prove or disprove most of these ideas. This is a piecing together of various puzzle pieces from the scientific and religious worlds with, admittedly, a good deal of assumption on the part of the writer when it came to connecting things and filling in the blanks.
The first thing that the reader must solidify in their mind in order to grasp the concepts addressed here is that there is no such thing as “matter”. The entire “Physical Universe” as you have perceived it through your 5 acknowledged senses contains absolutely NO matter. This does not mean that everything is an illusion. On the contrary- the atomic groupings we refer to as “Matter” are very real and firmly bound by many laws of physics. Not necessarily the limited and often incorrect “laws” that humans teach. Just recently, Albert Einstein’s accepted “law” that the speed of light was a universal constant and that nothing can travel faster than light, which had been believed by the scientific community for about 70 years was disproven on two counts- particles faster than light have been found and inconsistencies in the speed of light have been found. As our technology increases, so will our understanding of the true laws of the universe. The span of intelligent human existence in the Universal time scale is so brief, though, that it would be absolutely arrogantly foolish to ever claim to understand all of the laws governing our perceived “matter” here, let alone those governing celestial bodies millions of light years away.
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