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IS Perception Reality?

Which is more valuable (and why)
who you are, or
who others THINK you are.

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    Dec 1 2011: Definitely the first one (Who you are)

    Leave the people alone, they follow their moods. They can raise a worthless person because they like him, and lower a precious person who they don't like.

    Lets say you invited some people for dinner, You cooked a really delicious Pizza, that you liked, and know it was good.
    Many of those people who know that it was delicious, will start commenting: too much salt, bitter, too much cheese, cold , hot...etc ----- ask your question here: Which is more valuable to you, what you think about your pizza or what people think about it.

    Another story: A man and his son passed a village 4 times

    1) in the first time, the father was on his donkey and his son was walking. (( the people of the village said: the father has no mercy on his son, he rides and the son walks :-(

    2) in the second time, the son was on the donkey and the father walked. (( the people said: the son doesn't respect his father, he rides and lets his father walk :-(

    3) in the third time, the father and the son went on the donkey. (the people said : they have no mercy on the donkey!) :-(

    4) in the fourth time, the father and the son walked and no one was on the donkey. ( the people said: look at those idiots, they have a donkey and walk beside it! they do not use ride it! fools :P

    ********** So, if you care about what people think about you, you will never be able to please them.

    The most valuable thing is who you are.

    Cheers :P
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    Dec 1 2011: Ideally, how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us need to have a degree of commonality to allow our holistic interconnection to function well.

    As for the question, I think perception is the reality of a single individual at a single moment in time.
  • Nov 30 2011: Having dealt with schizophrenia most of my life a doctor once told me I was out of touch with reality. My response was well then what am I in touch with? He couldn't give me an answer but I was clearly in touch with something other than our shared common reality. And in my opinion who you are is far more important than who others think you are, tell people I have schizophrenia and watch as they draw a framework around who I am. Fact is, I'm no different than anyone else, I love, listen, care, have family and friends, interests. I work full time, own my home, drive my own car and most people don't know I have this illness because I don't want them to box me.
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    Nov 29 2011: When a person makes a decision based on what they believe others will think, I believe, for that person, it is more valuable to promote their image with others, rather than being true to themselves.
    Is perception reality? To perceive means to see, hear, touch, taste or smell. Can we experience any of those five things with a non-existent (unreal) object? From memory we can. Without memory we cannot.
    Did Wikipedia ever have a truth filter?
  • Nov 29 2011: The answer to this one has to be "who you are." The real problem is totally and completely realizing that. I am getting glimpses (some actually are panoramas) in my own life and frankly I like it.

    But is perception reality? Yes and no. We only have what we perceive. However, I do believe that perception can get closer to "reality" if and only if we can change our own way of seeing things.

    Wikipedia is ok for some fast fact, really does not help much for real understanding of some topics. There the perception is "encyclopedic" the reality sometimes is a blog.
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    Nov 29 2011: Maybe you define reality first.
    Reality is a word like soul, it is used to express a meaning that becomes less clear the more you question it.
    That you are is valuable, who you are is a question like, what's the weather.
    What others think you are has nothing to do with you but with them.

    Reliable content is relative.