Joseph Seti

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Human Factors, the relationship between people and systems, should turn its focus from IT based to environment and culture.

Corporate Culture is the driving force of all successful companies. The science of Human Factors is most often consigned to the relationship of the mechanism/user interface. The science should be applied universally and overtly to communal environment and culture, be it corporations, schools or organizations.

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    Nov 29 2011: R. Joel. I absolutely agree. About 10 years ago i was accepted for a masters degree in Human factors and the prof who was chair of the computer science department(cross listed with Psychology) moved to another country before we could begin. I think Human factors is a truly insightful way to think about and move forward with many human problems so that we can find constructive and workable solutions. I hope this idea takes root.
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      Nov 30 2011: Good to hear from you Debra. It is a shame about the Prof moving, but at least you took a serious interest in Human Factors, and I am certain apply the science in your career; luckily for those who work with and around you. I learned Human Factors from one of its earliest pupils, Kay Inaba. His teachings created a paradigm shift in my entire thought process and how I interact with the world. Thanks for the support. I can't wait to see what others have to say on the subject.