Joseph Seti

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How do you know when a project reaches an achievable yet inclusive scope and you can commit?

A project often begins with the seed of an idea. It can flower so quickly that the idea may overreach resources and manageability. It can also be difficult to determine when a project’s scope is too small and will not achieve its intended outcome.

In fleshing out a project, the elements seem illimitable and each necessary to the implementation; and the scope becomes unmanageable. The myriad possibilities and potential far reaching effects of the idea can overwhelm the discovery and development phase.

The process of reducing the scope of the idea is difficult because there is a causal relationship between components which can leave the project fragmented if not done properly.

A project is, essentially, that portion of a process one choses to take ownership of. At some point, one must determine a scope and commit, or it will never be a project at all.