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Making ideas "open source"

I propose the creation of an Open Ideas Initiative -- adapted from the Open Source Initiative for computer software -- which will facilitate the open exchange of ideas, making them free from the constraints of IP laws.

I've tried to implement something on these lines at www.iinspireus.com -- would love to hear from fellow TEDsters!


Closing Statement from Madhav Krishna

Thanks all for your comments!

I agree -- a great idea may be rendered worthless by a poor implementation, and a mediocre idea be rendered great by an effective implementation. However, the sharing of ideas facilitates innovation -- new technology, art and design is borne off the "meeting and mating" of different ideas. That is what I am trying to facilitate.

If you would like to carry this conversation forward, or join forces in creating an 'Open Ideas Initiative', feel free to email me at madhkrish@gmail.com.

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  • Mar 6 2011: hmmm, i was thinking about this aswell, i think although the site you created was nice, i think it needs to be a bit more simple (design wise) and have the possibilities of technicalities (so you can have very vague ideas like most of the ones on your site at the moment) or more detailed ones which could then be reproduced by other people.
    You would also need to register each idea under the GPL (or one where companies cannot just make money out of somebody elses hard work, but for individuals to be able to reproduce ideas and suggest amendments) so that people who post their ideas on there know their idea will not be taken up by a big company and they will get no money after doing all the hard work
    i was mainly thinking it because my dad has so many wacky ideas which could possibly work, but he isnt such a great doer, he is better at thinking so if somebody else wanted to make them they could.

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