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Making ideas "open source"

I propose the creation of an Open Ideas Initiative -- adapted from the Open Source Initiative for computer software -- which will facilitate the open exchange of ideas, making them free from the constraints of IP laws.

I've tried to implement something on these lines at www.iinspireus.com -- would love to hear from fellow TEDsters!


Closing Statement from Madhav Krishna

Thanks all for your comments!

I agree -- a great idea may be rendered worthless by a poor implementation, and a mediocre idea be rendered great by an effective implementation. However, the sharing of ideas facilitates innovation -- new technology, art and design is borne off the "meeting and mating" of different ideas. That is what I am trying to facilitate.

If you would like to carry this conversation forward, or join forces in creating an 'Open Ideas Initiative', feel free to email me at madhkrish@gmail.com.

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    Mar 2 2011: This is a very good idea. Sharing ideas, not keeping them for ourselves, can help to make them happen.

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