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How to make apps.

I think tons of people want to know how to make apps I was thinking that someone should make a website for people that want to make apps and it should give all the instructions on how to make a app. I would also love if people could show us how to make apps. Please Comment

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    Nov 28 2011: Here's a tutorial on how to make an app:

    Here's a site that allows you to build iPhone Apps without coding knowledge:

    If you search google you'll find many, many more.

    Good luck!
  • Nov 28 2011: This is a great idea and i would love to collaborate with you to do this, i have some app making experience, but there are other factors to think about that have to do with creating this website. Firstly you would need the expertise to write simple code or at least understand the logic behind doing so. Then you would also need to be able to contact a bunch of people who would be interested in cola berating with you on this website to share their experience. but theres many more stuff to do to a project like this. I would love to help out with it if you intend on going forth with it, it is also a great idea as before i had millions of questions regarding this when i first began to introduce myself to app creating. I wasn't a big fan of reading stuff on the topic but loved visualization stuff like websites but this kind of help was very few and far between, and most of my questions where unanswered as many of the people going into app making had other programming experience so i couldn't find out what the compiler was, whether i needed a device or was there a simulator, and i was afraid to try clicking play just incase it screwed up something. I was also looking for a quick fire 101 type of tutorial but there was no such thing either. Again i would love to cola berate with you on this idea, please contact me. :P