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Is it possible to not have friends in life?

Being jealous of your girlfriends friends because you got no friends


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  • Nov 27 2011: Certainly it is possible and there are many examples....solitary monks on the one hand and many senior citizens as well, that would tend to be a small percentage. Is it normal, yes and no. By nature humans are gregarious cooperative beings but that does not (obviously) apply to all and there is no norm. True friends, of which most of us have only a few, tend to be far and few between. Being jealous, at any age, is an absurd emotion. Examine it for a minute..(in the context of what I suspect your question might be)...what are you doing to yourself other than wasting time and practicing self pity? Would not that time be better spent living as opposed to regretting? And in the final analysis wouldn't an honest self appraisal be more appropriate if friends were what you sought....just thoughts.

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