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Make Civil Marriage the Norm for the entire country and religious marriage a symbolic addition to that

For years we have been trying to make people reform their religious views to include gay marriage and I think it is causing harm to both parties. I am suggesting a simple alternative, make civil unions the default of the land, if you want to get marriage under the eyes of god that is a separate ceremony.

All laws that include incentives for 'marriage' should be changed to 'civil union' in the books.

Religious ceremonies should be separate from the government and should not give any additional rights that you would not get in a civil union.

Civil Unions therefore should be expanded to included any and all rights of a marriage as we think of it now and religious marriage should be reduced to a symbolic ceremony.

In short in this system EVERYONE would be required to get a civil union if they wanted the United States of American to view them as couple, and then after that they are free to make the decision if they want to have a religious cermony in the eyes of God.

This would be protecting religious rights but also giving rights to the people that deserve to be regonized as a couple with all the incentives and protections of marriage.

Thank you for reading my petition.



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      Nov 30 2011: My opinion is that if marriage has to be associated with incentives and such that everyone should have the same benefits if they wish to.

      Creation is such an interesting concept though what if one of you could not bare children? Is that relationship not as important because of that? Are you even considered married if marriage is about creation? I think that establishing a long relationship really doesn't boil down to sex anymore and whether you can bare children but about the life you create with one another which is a form of creation.

      My point is not to debate whether it is right or not to get religion to be more open to it, but how to make it more even and find common ground so that it is not an argument.

      And this is a petition that I did post on another site that I am trying to get comments back on so you did indeed read what I am currently petitioning. Thank you for your imput.
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          Nov 30 2011: Not for all states. Civil unions are state to state vs marriage that gives federal protections.

          "A civil union is a legal status granted by a state... It provides legal protection to couples at the state law level, but omits federal protections"

          I think that religion is about thinking about the things we have in common not what sets us apart. The origins of marriage was for offspring. It was a time where that was needed. And abomination means 'not customary' which I think is one of the passages that everyone speaks of for this issue. But all of that is beside the point, I don't care about religion that is not my point at all.

          And spiritually I don't think you have the right to judge anyone but yourself. If there is a "God" he will judge, but no human should ever think that they have that power to say what is right or wrong.

          That is why this is not about forcing religion to adopt a practice but merely giving federal protection to people who deserve it.
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          Nov 30 2011: Oh and the link under where I wrote this idea is the link to my petition, so if you were observate enough you would have found it.

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