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Put personal finance as a high school requirement

Personal finance is course neglected in our high schools and colleges as a requirement for education even though it is vital. The decisions of where to put money, invest and save is an idea that recent graduates are not even aware of coming out of high school and often because of that they struggle unnecessarily with debt.

I suggest making personal finance a high school requirement to teach kids some of the following:

1) The Importance of IRAs
2) How to Invest Responsibly
3) How Credit Scores Effect Your Financial Life
4) How Insurance works
5) Why Saving is Important
6) Ethical Consumerism
7) Making Budgets
8) Understanding how Taxes Work
9) Understanding the Importance of Keeping Records
10) Privacy in the Internet Age
11) How to Write Effective Wills
12) How to Write Renter's contracts
13) How to Start a Business

These are issues that every American has to go though in the course of their lives, giving them the tools to not make mistakes is vital for the health of America's economy.

Please make personal finance a high school requirement.

I started a petition about this issue, if you agree please visit my site.

If you think that adding another thing would help please let me know and I will add it


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