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If you were given 3 wishes, what will you wish for?

My 3 wishes are:
- to be loved by God
- live life with peace and love
- live with dignity without being dependant on others

What are your top 3 wishes? :-)

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    Nov 27 2011: 1. To create heaven on earth and make it sustainable and possible for EVERYONE to create in their community.
    2. Live my life surrounded by people that stimulate my mind and push me beyond my limits
    3. To know the truths of the universe: is there a god and what does she want for the human species? how to time travel. how to create free enegy. how to combat disease and disorder. what people are thinking etc
  • Nov 30 2011: I wish I could step into pictures of the past and dwell a while and return in time for tea.I wish I could hang on to exquisite moments for longer and work out how to bottle them for when a jolt is urgently needed..I wish I had been taught useful skills at school, like how to restore a vintage automobie from scratch or remove a supporting wall without the upper floor collapsing or how to argue with a degree of wit and repartee.
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    Nov 29 2011: Nice picture, by the way, Brainless R.

    1) I wish I lived in a national park with my friends and family where we'd hunt, build, raise children, etc...
    2) I wish the Solar System was totally different and almost unpredictable while remaining bioshpere-friendly. This way, I'd be interested in watching the sky and would delight in trying to figure things out, trying to establish a valid cosmology.
    3) I wish more humanoids were alive. I could have homo erectus friends.