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Can one realistically envisage a harmonious, ecologically viable future with current systems of gov. heirarchy and worldwide capitalism?

I feel that to appreciate the true current state of affairs is to open ones eyes towards the levels of constraint and control that are excercised throughout the makeup of society from day one. The only true method of sustaining the planet and therefore the human species would be a combined, co-operative effort in which there was no monetary system in place. No incentive for greed, exploitation or materialism. No heirarchical chain could be allowed, so every aspect of social organisation would have to be denounced to some respect including belief and class systems that were contradictory to any ecological alternative. I do clearly feel that all things are interconnected and thoroughly respect everyones rights of belief and freedom. It may seem like a political stance, but since people cannot unite successfully perhaps we all need to meet on truly equal terms under a common aim - saving the planet.
These are just some thoughts which have occured during my investigations into independent production of biodiesel and self-sufficiency. As much of an optimist I may be I cannot see a turnaround in the destruction of the Earths natural habitat and resources with the absolute greed in existence amongst a small percentage of the population. To summarise, I feel a radical revolution of the people, whereby we unite and co-operative under a common goal is required before any possible effective attempts are made and maintained towards nuturing nature and restoring balance. This is a taller order than the restoration of the natural environment and depletion and destruction of what created our species. I feel a deep sadness for the truth of these interconnected matters. The information is out there and free, we just need to organise and co-operate. Depsite the belief by some individuals I feel people are on the vast majority ready and willing to do this if given some initiative. It is such an oppressive and fearful existence that prevents this from happening.